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One attempt at the sheet-changing-speed-challenge!

Headstrong Team photo Headstrong Team · 16 Mar, 2021

So, this is Laura's attempt at smashing the record (Note to all- I'm not sure this is ACTUALLY a world record ha!). To be honest, we think there may have been some serious corners cut here but can you do better?

The gauntlet is laid down!

Hey, my name's Laura and I am giving the sheet changing speed challenge, or whatever it's called, a go today. I have chosen a small bed, my daughter's bed, because I figured that will make me a bit faster. And I am trying to beat the world record of two minutes, 42 seconds. And let's be honest, I'm absolutely not going to do this 'cause I just can't put duvet covers on.

Right. Okay. I've got my stop clock and we are going to go for this right now.

Ah! Fitted sheet. Come on, Laura. Ah, mosquito net! Duvet cover, duvet cover, duvet cover. This is like some really random workout. You see, I actually just can't put duvet covers on. Ah! Come on! Oh, I needed another cup of coffee before I did this. Come on, come on, come on. I'm on, oh, 43 seconds. I'm doing better than I thought. Come on. Okay, duvet cover. Oh my goodness. Right, pillow case, pillow case, pillow case. This is definitely my exercise for the day. Okay, pillow case, pillow case, pillow case. You'll probably be able to do this much faster than me 'cause I'm just not very good at this.

Okay, make the bed nicely. And, okay, I'm calling that. One minute 24. Yes!

Hang on? Was I supposed to start with the old covers on?? Oops, I may have cheated a bit there but have a go and see if you can do better!