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Kate Middleton photo Kate Middleton · 22 Oct, 2020

The nights are drawing in this month and we’re thinking bonfires, warmth, fireworks and autumn colours …

And about how we need SUGAR!! Right? Because this autumn is a tad unusual and there aren’t a LOT of high points coming at us. So we need fun and yummy things and supplies as we hunker down in our spaces to sit this stuff out until brighter days.

And THAT’s why this month the Headstrong Challenge is to all about HONEYCOMB!!

Ok, you might call it cinder toffee, or even hokey (we don’t actually know anyone who calls it that but the wonderful intraweb tells us some people do?! Feel free to message us if that’s you!) but basically this is the inside of a crunchy bar, but SO MUCH BIGGER and it is also the MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH SUGAR at home. Seriously. I mean it actually is.

So join us - the Headstrong team are sticky, sugar hyped and feeling that warm glow already. You’ll see some of our photos and experiences on our insta page - and hey - send us your own photos, vids, anything - we’d love to put them up too!


The 'not another flipping challenge' challenge! Haha!

The 'not another flipping challenge' challenge! Haha!