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Amy Summerfield photo Amy Summerfield · 23 Jul, 2020

So, do you wanna see the results? Here we go, cake in a mug, absolute win. Is it good for you? No. Is it necessary? No. Is there too much sugar in it? Yes. But will I enjoy it? Absolutely.

So, yeah, my name's Amy and my Covid story is what you've just seen, baking. I love to bake. I think there's something really cathartic about being able to go into the kitchen and be able to follow a recipe and just kind of take yourself away and think about, "How is it gonna turn out? What will it taste like?" And then that waiting period of wondering, how it will come out. And then of course, enjoying the goods.

You know, for me, one of the great distractions of Covid is being able to go into the kitchen and just kinda take my mind up into a different place and wonder about what I'm gonna cook and what I'm gonna bake.

And this is not just been for my benefit either. You know, I can think of times when it's been really great to be able to bless someone else with a cake. And so some of my cakes have gone to my neighbours. And some of my cakes have gone to people in my church. And one of the things that's got me through Covid is not just think about how that has impacted me and how this stressful situation has been a struggle for me. But thinking about the needs of others as well.

And as a Christian, it's really important for me to take the resources that I have and look to bless other people and help as much as I can. So, my Covid story has been to bake. And my encouragement to you is just to give yourself one treat and make yourself a cake in a mug and sit back, have a cuppa and enjoy.


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