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Clouds are the original YouTube!

Headstrong Team photo Headstrong Team · 25 Aug, 2020
Clouds are the original YouTube!

Looking for something to do today that requires minimal effort? Why not try cloud watching?

Benefits of cloud watching are really a WIN WIN WIN WIN situation:

1. It’s an activity you can do without actually doing ANYTHING

2. You can legitimately put the words Aeromancy Enthusiast on your CV which sounds impressive (but is actually just the posh term for cloud watcher!).

3. It’s a sneaky way of getting an afternoon nap in without anyone noticing

4. It’s actually supposed to be really good for you as it helps you switch off!

Instructions for becoming an Aeromancy Enthusiast!

You will need:

A blanket- we recommend this as it’s going to help you with the whole sleep situation plus it’s quite hard to zone out on a solid concrete floor

A coffee- We're putting this down as an essential item!

Sunglasses- Because looking directly at the sun hurts and is bad for you. Yes we are mainly watching the clouds but it’s all up there together.


  • Lie on floor
  • Look up
  • See clouds
  • Enjoy watching them turn into recognisable things before your eyes!

So just in case any future employer questions the whole CV thing.

Here’s our super technical guide to clouds:


Clouds are made up of thousands of tiny droplets of water and ice. They appear as a result of rising warm air cooling’s the warm air that keeps them floating.

The white ones that look like cotton wool are that colour because they are reflecting the sun light. The grey ones are full of water (avoid).

Some clouds travel as fast as 100mph and when you look at them long enough can appear to turn into faces, animals and all sorts of other things. There are 5 types of cloud you will commonly see:

Cumulus clouds

These are your most traditional shaped clouds. Think sheep without legs. They appear on sunny fair-weather days and are often puffy at the top and flat underneath.

Cirrus clouds

These bad boys are super high up and are blown around by winds which make them look whispy and thin. When you see a few of these it’s normally a sign that the weather is good however if there’s lots of them together then it normally means the weather is about to go downhill

Altocumulus Clouds

These are still pretty high up but have lots and lots of ripples (a little like a Cadbury’s twirl in the sky). They are made of water but don’t normally mean it’s about to rain, so all good.

Nimbus clouds

Grey, heavy clouds that look like you are going to have to make a run for it to avoid getting drenched. They tend to hang quite low in the sky as they are so heavy.

Cumulonimbus clouds

Now we’d say that if you are seeing these it’s probably not the best time to be lying in a wide open space as the only strike-able object, as these are thunder clouds. They look like angry cauliflower and contain all sorts of stuff like hail, thunder, lightning and torrential rain.


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