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Looking for something to do? Why not have a go at making your own baked bean tin lanterns?!

Laura Haddow photo Laura Haddow · 07 Apr, 2021

Summer may still seem a way off right now (brrr!!) but why not have a go at making your own garden lanterns using empty tins, and get ready for warm evenings outside again :-)

Hey, I'm Laura. It's half term, the sun has gone in, it lulled us into a false sense of security that spring was here, and now it's freezing and lots of us have had snow.

So I thought, what can I do today? I want to prepare something that makes me think of being in the garden and that gets me ready for that time of year again. So, today I'm gonna talk you through how to make garden lanterns out of up-cycling an old baked bean tin.

You will need:

  • A clean tin
  • A hammer
  • Plasters
  • A nail

And so we're just gonna do this step by step and it's super easy, but they look really cool.

So let’s get started. Wash the tin, fill with water and pop in freezer overnight!

So the next stage is to take the frozen can, so it's full of ice so it keeps it shape. And then we're gonna get a nail and then you can freestyle it really. So this one, I'm just gonna probably just try and get some kind of leaves going on it, but you can do any shape you like. So this is one that I had a go at earlier: so you can see I've done a star and I've filled it in with dots on that one and that side I just did the outline on the star. And then there it actually says 'Hi'!

But yeah, with this one, you just need to go along. Just take it really slowly. Do not nail your finger! Most important thing as well, apart from not nailing yourself, is to remember to use a really good chopping board because you don't wanna be like hammering down on the table. So just use a chopping board or breadboard, just anything like that. And it goes, the nail goes through really, really easily. So it's literally just a couple of light taps and it goes through like that.

Pop a tea light inside and ta da! Lanterns all ready to go!


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