Life in 2021 is uncertain: a bewildering combination of potential and possibility mingled with the risk and uncertainty associated with pandemic life. And young people have had it tough - facing disruption and change that still continues as we start to tentatively come out of lockdown.

In the midst of all this we’re seeing worrying reports of a generation of young people struggling: facing anxiety and facing pressures and challenges around friendships and school and worries about the future. They’re hearing a barrage of negativity and we know some are feeling like COVID has stolen their chance of achieving their dreams.

We want to speak a better story over young people - and more, we want to equip them, support them, help them understand what they are feeling and tell them why all is not lost. We want to help them dream BIG and stand TALL in spite of the knocks and setbacks they’ve experienced in this last year. We know there are better times ahead … and we want to speak God’s story and God’s promises over them too!!

Headstrong is a site for young people navigating life - even (post?) pandemic life - who want to not just SURVIVE but THRIVE in a world where it can feel like there’s more pressure than possibility!

Get involved!

We’re looking for youth leaders who can help us with our mission to bring better life to this generation!

  • Do you have a story to tell? We’re looking for people who can share short video stories about how they have faced challenges in life - and talk about what helped them find a way through.
  • Do you know young people who would be interested in Headstrong? Can you share resources, or encourage them to get involved? Can we help you help them?
  • Would you be interested in helping us run an online group chat space with young people? We’re looking to run groups helping young people think about key topics and issues they’re facing - things like anxiety, stress, how to sleep better, eating disorders, self harm - covering a range of topics at a range of levels - and we need volunteers with experience of youth work who are interested in getting involved.

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