The world in 2020 is vibrant, dynamic, exciting and inspiring - full of potential and possibility.

And yet there are pressures too - the rising generations face increasing challenges around mental wellbeing and emotional health that limit their success and steal the experience of all life has to offer.

In a world where academic and work success can feel like the be all and end all, how do young people achieve the much more important but elusive goals like happiness and joy, and release their full potential?

How do you hold your nerve in the face of life’s storms?

When so many people want to tell you things you should NOT do, what can you DO to stay strong when the world around you feels crazy?

Headstrong is a site for young people navigating life, who want to not just SURVIVE but THRIVE in a world that can pile on the pressure.

Headstrong will offer:

  • Tips, inspiration and experiences from a variety of contributors and influencers
  • Stories, opinion and input from young people across the uk
  • Guidance from professionals offering expertise on how to grow resilience and emotional health
  • Interactive resources to help lift mood, relieve boredom and grow knowledge


A FREE downloadable youth group session to celebrate the launch of Headstrong.

"Mental wellbeing is one of the biggest issues facing the young people in your youth group – and it’s got even more urgent with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Now’s the time to address this – and we’ve got a session for you ready-to-go”.

The Headstrong FREE downloadable session resource will be available on the 1st Sept here:

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