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'My Story' - Contributing a VLOG for Head Strong

What this is about:

‘My story’ is a space where people can share moments from their own life. We want to hear your real life experiences - it might be one moment in your life, or a longer part of your journey - something that has just happened or something from the past that has shaped who you are today.

What we’re looking for:

More than anything headstrong is a site by young people for young people that tells of what its really like to be a teenager in today’s world.

So we’re looking for stories to inspire, encourage and guide other people just like you - stuff from real lives that might offer hope to someone else facing something similar.

Because life isn’t always plain sailing - sometimes we hit storms, tough stuff, dilemmas or just things we don’t know how to deal with at first - but it is possible to get through and even learn from these moments. They need not limit or define the people we are or the path our lives take - and they can even help us grow!

We’re really interested in how you became the person you are now, how you overcome the challenges you faced, how a moment in your life shaped you and what you learned from it, and your thoughts for other people facing similar things.

COVID Stories:

Right now one thing you might want to tell us about is what has happened in your life over the last few months as part of your journey through COVID19 and lockdown.

We’re interested in stories that tell how COVID affected you and your family or community - that tell a story that might not be heard anywhere else. What have you been up to? How have you managed the challenges of lockdown? Is there something in particular you’ve been doing or achieved or experienced you want to tell us about?

How do I get involved?

We’d LOVE it if you were up for recording your story as a short video. This doesn’t need to be professionally done - recording on your phone is perfect!

If you’re up for this have a look at these examples, to get an idea of what we’re after:

Before you record - here’s some info to help you think about how to tell your story…. and how to film it.

Remember videos should be short - anything up to about 5 mins - so we’re not looking for hours of content!

If you really don’t want to go for video then you can write something down about your story - let us know if that’s you!

How to upload your video:

As even short videos can have large file sizes we'd love it if you could send us the video files via . You don't need to create an account, and it's completely free.

Got questions?

Get in touch! You can contact us via

I'd like to get involved

What I can contribute: