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Headstrong water bottle

Hydration is one of our basic human needs - you just can’t live without water. And more than that - if you stay topped up with water, it helps your body and brain work better, boosting energy levels, digestion, performance, focus and attention. That’s why we’ve designed this super cool reusable bottle that you can take with you wherever you go.

But did you know Jesus talked about thirst too? He used the term to refer to another kind of yearning for some other basic needs we have - not for water but for things which are part of the amazing story God longs to see acted out in the world - good stuff like happiness, health, joy and peace. Sometimes we look at our world or our life and we crave those things just like we do water on a hot day or after a good workout.

When we long for those things it’s a sign of something AMAZING happening within us - God’s spirit shaping our thoughts and desires, our dreams and destiny. And that power within means we can become part of bringing that good stuff to the world - quenching a much bigger thirst, a bigger need - speaking a better story over ourselves and the people and places around us.

So as you use this bottle, remember to drink and keep yourself hydrated - but remember too that you carry the potential to quench a much bigger thirst.

Stay hydrated! Keep dreaming! Stay amazing! Go change the world….