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Look good on camera

Thanks LOADS for being up for filming a VLOG message for headstrong!!

Here are our ​TEN TOP TIPS​ for ​
how to look good on camera!

  • Find a quiet, well-lit location. You’ll look so much better in good light!
    Daylight is much better than artificial lighting. But avoid anything too harsh (eg direct sunlight).

  • Face yourself towards the main light source (usually a window). Make sure your face isn’t in shadow.

  • Don’t stand against a wall, but leave some space behind you.

  • Make sure the background isn’t distracting. Try to eliminate any clutter and any windows from the background.

  • Mount the camera at head height if you can - try using a tripod, getting someone else to hold it (steady!) or balancing it on a bookcase/similar.

  • Use the camera in portrait orientation - ie holding it the same way up you would to read stuff on there.

  • Make sure you are framed nicely in the shot.

Head in top half is nice, like this...

avoid head in middle, like this...

  • Look into the camera lens, not your screen/at your own image.
    Do a quick test to check the sound quality - can we hear you? Most phones have good enough mics, but if yours isn’t picking up the sound well enough then you can use your headphones as a mic. Be careful of background noise (including wind - surprisingly noisy!) - it can sound a lot louder on a recording than in real life!
  • Pause for a few seconds before and after speaking and give us a good smile. It helps with the editing ;)

Hope that helps! If you have any questions shout - drop us an email at