Mental wellbeing for young people

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About Us

Headstrong is a project led by Youthscape and supported by the Mind and Soul Foundation

Youthscape works to see every young person reached with the transforming love of God. We believe that this can only be achieved through the local church’s engagement in their communities, and so we focus on inspiring, resourcing and training those churches for the task of reaching and serving young people. With nearly 30 years of grass roots experience in our home town of Luton, we know that teenagers have complex and diverse needs, and so alongside our focus on spiritual development, we also champion the church’s positive engagement with young people’s mental and emotional well-being. Headstrong is the umbrella name for our projects and resources in this vital area.

The Mind and Soul Foundation was formed over 15 years ago out of a desire to get the church engaged in issues around mental and emotional wellbeing. It is now recognised as the leading source of information in this field and works cross denominationally and with people of all ages and backgrounds to combine and clearly communicate great psychology, theology and medicine.

The Headstrong team