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Video + Audio Download of Youthscape/ St Mellitus Lecture 2022

What does it mean to translate God for a new generation? How do Gen Z see the world and how could that inform youth leaders and the work of the Church?

In 2022's annual lecture, hosted by Youthscape and St Mellitus College, Dr Lucie Shuker drew on new, unpublished research to paint a picture of how the world has turned for young people over the last ten years. What are the defining trends that shape their culture, and what do young people themselves make of this?

In response Dr Sara Schumacher considered how young people’s imaginations are formed by that culture. How might the Church help them to imagine a better world, and what can we learn about the kingdom of God from seeing the world through their eyes? Their presentations were followed by a Q&A dialogue on these themes with Lucie and Sara, hosted by St Mellitus' Dr Mark Scanlan.

This product includes both audio and video recordings of the lecture event.