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#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.3

Kate Middleton photo Kate Middleton · 04 Oct, 2020
#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.3

Wellbeing. It's about staying well - and the truth is to do that we NEED each other! But of course this time has made connecting with people really tricky. So - in honour of mental health awareness day, 2020, and as part of our #OperationIsolation series, we’re thinking all about connection with our 3x3 step challenges!!

So … last but not least - No.3 of our 3x3!! - Connecting with GOD! We’re all in different places spiritually - you may feel you have a really strong faith, or that you’re not sure. But we can all use a bit of outside help sometimes, and prayer or spiritual meditation can really help us manage in times of stress. In fact the bible says handing over your worries to God can help you find peace that’s beyond human understanding - handy when things are so crazy eh? So why not give these 3 things a try - even if this stuff is totally new to you?!


Yeah, that sounds over simple - you ,ay be like - how? Well the truth is it doesn’t matter. It’s just like talking to anyone else, so don’t overcomplicate it. But if you want to make more of a moment of it why not try this: grab a piece of paper and write down what you might want to say to God. Maybe there’s stuff on your mind, or stuff you want to ask, someone you know needs help or to feel better or something you want to say thanks for. Write it on the paper. Then you might want to light a candle to mark the moment and remind you God brings light to any dark or gloomy situation. Then read your prayer stuff out to God. Don’t worry about making it sound fancy - he’ll hear you. And if you want to, then you can take a moment of quiet or stillness, with the candle, and with God.


Now hey - worship is more than just singing stuff, but sometimes listening to a song that reminds us about who God is can really help. So why not grab a moment, stick a tune on and listen/sing along if you know the words. Here’s a few you could try:

- feeling GOOD/want a feel good song

- needing HOPE

- feeling WEIGHED DOWN with stuff

- needing to know God is WITH YOU

Read something!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a book. But could that help you connect with God? Is there something you could read to do that? Got an old bible somewhere you can dig out? Try flipping to the psalms - they’re ancient songs people wrote about how God and their feelings. Or use an app like Youversion to help you find stuff to read - click on search and you can read about a specific topic or pick a story AND move between different versions too. Or maybe you’ve got a book someone gave you once about God? Time to dig it out ?…


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About life's seasons ...

About life's seasons ...