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#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.2

Kate Middleton photo Kate Middleton · 04 Oct, 2020
#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.2

Wellbeing. It's about staying well - and the truth is to do that we NEED each other! But of course this time has made connecting with people really tricky. So - in honour of mental health awareness day, 2020, and as part of our #OperationIsolation series, we’re thinking all about connection with our 3x3 step challenges!!

This is No.2 of our 3x3!! - And it’s Connecting with YOURSELF! Because this is harder than you think when times are tough and stressful and just keeping track of what’s changing takes enough of your energy. When your mind is worn out it’s not so easy to connect with your own feelings. So how ARE you? Not sure? Here’s 3 things to try to help you grab a moment with yourself?


#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.1


#ConnectionChallenge 3x3 no.3