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Guys- this one's for YOU! It's okay to open up

Rob McNerney · 09 Jun, 2021

Yup- guys this one's for YOU!

This week is Men's Health Week and whether you're 15 or 115, there's stuff we all face occasionally that can be T.O.U.G.H. We'll be hearing from a range of voices this week, sharing tips, advice and helpful thoughts on how to navigate life as a guy and respond to some of the challenges out there!

Have you ever woken up late, missed your bus or your ride to school, got to school late: when you got there, you realised that you forgot your assignment at home and it was due today, and your teacher's now yelling at you, and then you'd go to tell one of your closest mates at lunch, but they just make fun of you. You have to walk home in the rain, and at this point, even the smallest little thing like, "Hey, how was your day?" sets you off to the point where you're slamming doors, where you're running to your room to just get some peace, throwing your backpack across the floor because you, like a balloon that is filled with too much air, have reached your capacity.

Guys, this happens to the best of us. It's happened to me and guys out there, I'm especially talking to you because it comes from a place of us talking about our feelings and managing our emotions.

And there's this stigma out there that is, it's 'unmanly' or 'unmasculine' when we talk about our feelings when we're vulnerable, but I wanna suggest the opposite.

I think it's good to do it in a good way, but the most important thing is that you do it. Even kings throughout history always had a small group of people that they would talk to about decisions in their lives.


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