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ONLINE EVENT! Managing Exam Anxiety

Headstrong Team photo Headstrong Team · 09 May, 2022

UPCOMING EVENT: Managing anxiety and exam pressure

Arghh exam time is ALMOST here!!

How are you doing?

You feeling the pressure?

Overwhelmed by revision and feeling like your anxiety is spinning totally out of control?

Well, why not join us for a LIVE one off 45min YouTube chat with the Youthscape mental health team to get loads of practical help with managing the stress of exam time. Full of great tips on how to regain control over your anxiety and step into this time with the tools you need to keep your cool. We’ll be looking at:

· What anxiety actually is, why we have it and how it can help us.

· Super easy ways to calm ourselves down when our anxiety kicks in

· Ideas around how to look after yourself during this time

We’ll even be answering your questions....!

So, join us on the

16th May 7.30-8.15pm LIVE on YouTube


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