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Lift your hands - He's right there :)

Ali Martin photo Ali Martin · 26 Aug, 2020

Ever seen a little kid who needs a pick up, holding their hands up to an adult, so they get some attention and comfort? In this short thought, Ali Martin from Soul Survivor shares why we can go to God like that in moments when we need comfort - and encourages us to reach out to God.

I don't know if you've ever been around young kids. Maybe you've got a younger sibling, maybe someone in your family has got a child, but they get to that stage where they can crawl, they can't talk, but they can crawl and they crawl up to your feet and they just put their hands up in the air.

And they do that for all sorts of reasons. So one of my really good friends has got a little eight month old now, and now that we can see them again, out of that part of lockdown, he'll crawl up to me and he'll just put his hands up in the air.

And sometimes that means he wants to be near me and just wants to be held. Sometimes I think he's like, I'm crawling around on the ground, you all are up there, I wanna see what's going on. Sometimes he might need help with something, help eating a satsuma or having a drink. Sometimes he wants comfort, maybe he's hurt himself and he wants to be held. And whatever it is he wants, all he does is he crawls over to me or his mom or dad and he just go crawls up to our legs and he puts his hands in the air.

And I wonder if today you need to put your hands in the air when it comes to God. What is it you need from him? Maybe you just need to be near him and know that he's there. Maybe you need comfort. Maybe you need his perspective. He is a bit higher than you and maybe you're crawling around in your everyday stuff and you just need his perspective on something. Maybe you need help with something. whatever it is, I really wanna encourage you, just take a moment in prayer and just put your hands up, say, God, I'm asking you to lift me to carry me. I need you today. I can't do it on my own. I don't wanna do it on my own. I wanna do it with you. Lift your hands up. He's right there.


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