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Blurgh Days

Rachel Gardner photo Rachel Gardner · 27 Aug, 2020

Do you ever have those days when it feels like grey clouds are in the sky but also inside you?

Rachel shares how to manage those days, and remember that even in cloudy weather, the sun is still there, behind the clouds.

Do you ever have those days where it just feels like the grey clouds that are in the sky are also inside you? And you've just, for what ever reason, woken up feeling a bit 'blurgh'. And maybe nothing has gone wrong. Maybe there's no thing that you can point to but you just feel a bit tetchy, a bit irritable, a bit blurgh.

And people try an coax you don't they? They try and say, "Come on, get out!" So I did that to myself today. I coaxed myself today because I felt a bit 'blurgh' most the day. I've just brushed my teeth and it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I'm now outside. And I'm outside and its reminded me that even though the crap clouds are grey, there is a bit of blue sky. You can't quite see it. And the sky and the sun is always behind the clouds.

It's a reminder that even when I don't always feel God's love I know that his love is there. And even though I don't always feel that I'm worth anything, that I am. And it can still be a day where I experience God's love and I experience God's goodness. So I brought my kids to the park 'cause getting outside is so nice. Just get outside in the fresh air you'll feel so much better. And we are about to go crazy swinging on the swings to remind ourselves, that we can let go and we can breathe in deep fresh air and even though we're all feeling a bit crotchy and cranky. That it's okay. So here we go, here's my little girl. Check out, oh you can't even see her she's going so fast. Yay! And my little boy

And I'm about to shove them both off the swings.

And I'm about to swing. So I'm now going to turn it off because I'm about to like push the kids off and you're just gonna hear them crying. 'Cause that's how I roll. No I don't. Not at all. Take care- let the sun come from behind the clouds. Get outside.




Lift your hands - He's right there :)

Lift your hands - He's right there :)