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Your brain needs a BREAK!

Headstrong Team photo Headstrong Team · 01 Jun, 2021

#5 ways to look after your brain- Give it a break!

Your brain needs a break.

Advert: “Have a break, have a Kit Kat!”

No, no, not that kind of break.

But right now, so many people's minds are tired, fed up, and bored. Yes, a little bit like you are right now.

This means it's harder for your mind to work as well as it usually does. So you might find focusing is harder, learning takes longer, and motivating yourself to do anything, well, pretty much anything takes a little bit of work.

Here's what you can do to help your brain.

Variety. Think about breaking your time up into small chunks and changing it up when you can. Swap from subject to subject for revision source. Try working in different spaces.

And when you have breaks or time off of school, get out of the house and try to get a fresh perspective. Why not try going for a walk or a run? Or just grab a coffee and wander around the shops.


Your brain needs STRETCHING!

Your brain needs STRETCHING!