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National Sleep Month- Tips to help you sleep

Headstrong Team photo Headstrong Team · 09 Mar, 2021

SO….we’re not sure if you knew this BUT on top all the other awareness days/weeks (why are there so many in one month?!), March is ALSO National Bed Month! Yes, a whole month dedicated to not only celebrating just how much we love our beds (and oh we really do!) but also for raising awareness about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

So, for the rest of this month, we’ll be posting all sorts of bed/sleep related articles, covering everything from novelty duvet covers and playlists to fall asleep to, through to sleep tips and advice if you find sleeping well a challenge.

- One thing I find really helpful is to get a good night's sleep is listening to like a calm or relaxing sort of sleep playlist on Spotify.

- What, I really, really love to is to get hot chocolate and Horlicks and mix it together. And I put it in my frother and it really helps chill me out.

- What helps me is to charge my phone downstairs so its not in my room distracting me.

- Hi, my tip for a good nights sleep, is literally watching something really chill on TV for at least an hour before I'm going to go to bed.

- Listening to the sleep sounds on the Alexa device. If you happen to have one in your room.

- I go through the events of the day in my head and try and think of all the things I feel grateful for. And that always seems to help me get sleep.


Three reasons to be positive this spring :-)

Three reasons to be positive this spring :-)


Using a monkey journal to help you sleep

Using a monkey journal to help you sleep